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Working with the Bruneau Group

Laura Bruneau

Laura Bruneau


Laura is a fluently bilingual  adjudicator, mediator, arbitrator and former ombudsman with over 20 years professional experience.

  • Bruneau Group is different.

    We complement legal counsel’s critical knowledge with our experience and expertise.

    We treat the work as seriously and as carefully as legal counsel and the courts did in the years leading to the settlement.

    We make effective use of information technology for tailored, optimized, accurate and reliable data warehousing and online claims processing.

    Our services are provided with absolute neutrality, responsiveness, transparency for the claimants, legal counsel and the courts.

    Working with us means no problems or hassles and no distractions for legal counsel and the courts whose focus is to move on to the next case with full confidence that Bruneau Group is handling every detail of the administration expertly and efficiently.

    We deliver bilingual, focussed service, with no bureaucracy and no wasted effort.

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  • We are led by professionals who understand and speak the language of:

    • Class actions
    • Litigation
    • Financial management
    • Fund trusteeship
    • Complex claim adjudication and arbitration
    • Information technology
    • Dispute resolution
    • Public outreach
    • Self represented claimants
    • Access to justice

    We are a Canadian company, sensitive to conflicts of interest, and do not take on work as accountants, public relation consultants, bankers, adjusters or lawyers – settlement administration, class action legal noticing and claims auditing is all that we do.

  • Bruneau Group has worked on class actions resulting from plane crashes, contaminated foods, hospital liability, product liability, illegal interest rates, price fixing, breach of contract, government liability, sexual abuse, a failure to warn, misrepresentation and breach of privacy, to name a few.

    Bruneau Group has been appointed to administer claims involving:

    • Multi-million dollar settlements
    • Primary, secondary, family member, estate and minor claims
    • Non pecuniary; out of pocket; loss of income; future costs of care; loss of services and economic loss claims
    • International claims
    • Online claim filing

    Bruneau Group has been appointed to arbitrate appeals where we reviewed a third party administrator’s decision pertaining to:

    • Denials and late claim submissions
    • Compensation assessments

    Bruneau Group has been retained to develop and execute bilingual national and international legal notice campaigns requiring direct mail alone and/or print media and/or public relations and/or digital means of communication.

    Bruneau Group has provided independent expert opinions, court filed affidavits and client reports relating to legal noticing, opting out, claims administration and claim auditing.