We administer settlements large and small, no matter how complex

$  Settlement Administration

Bruneau Group administers settlements from A to Z. Our services include:

  • Drafting of claim forms, instructions, protocols and FAQs
  • Designing and hosting dedicated websites
  • Online claim filing
  • Traditional hardcopy claim processing
  • Receiving and reporting on opt-outs and objections
  • Responding to claimant inquiries
  • Adjudicating claims
  • Fund management and distribution reconciliations
  • Identifying duplicate/fraudulent claims
  • Delivering final master files and closing reports

)  Expert Advisory

Bruneau Group provides independent expert opinions, affidavits or client reports relating to class action settlement administration best practices, legal noticing, opting out, claims management and/or claim auditing.

In the pre-settlement approval phase, Bruneau Group provides useful advice with respect to settlement fund administration, strategic planning, legal drafting, budgets, developing plain and easy-to-follow claim processes, identifying and resolving terms of settlement problems, evaluating claimant data and developing equitable compensation options.

e  Legal Noticing

Bruneau Group provides legal noticing services from A to Z. Our services include:

  • Developing detailed legal notice plans with budgets
  • Drafting bilingual legal notices – short and long forms
  • Developing and hosting dedicated legal noticing websites
  • Executing legal notice plans
  • Confirming disseminations as per plan

s  Claims Auditing

Bruneau Group provides independent claims auditing services. Our services include:

  • Conducting independent audits to verify third party administrator compliance with program requirements
  • Monitoring claims practices of a third party administrator
  • Reviewing systems to assess risk awareness and risk control procedures of a third party